exfoliating body brush

made by: iris hantverk

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  • exfoliating body brush
  • exfoliating body brush

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Great for those hard-to-reach spots. Lathers up nicely with soap, and the natural horsehair bristles soften when wet. Gentle circular motions invigorate the skin and underlying tissues while horsehair bristles help to exfoliate and revive skin.
This is a very special brush. Visually impaired craftsman hand apply each bundle of horsehair bristles to the high quality wood handle creating a unique wire pattern, just as they have been doing for over a hundred years.

Net Wt. 10oz | Made in Sweden
Iris Hantverk brushes age beautifully and are easy to care for. Allow to dry after each use by hanging or setting the brush with bristles facing down. Treat with mineral oil when oak begins to dry out.
Materials: Oak, Horsehair (Light Bristles)
Length: 7"
Bristle Area: 2"
Handle Width: 1"
Height: 1.5"